Derrière le miroir

Derrière le miroir from BLAST PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

Behind the mirror its Hugo’s story; a young boy about to embark on an unexpected journey. After a fall, he finds himself thrown into the centre of a wonderful, unusual world where he meets Clara, a young mysterious girl who encourages him to follow her and to play with her. Confused as to where he belongs, the young boy gives in and starts to trust her.
The designers of the children’s clothing line quenotte would like their clothes to appear in a dream where children are the heroes. The ladies brought in Thibaut Vieville and Simon Penochet to produce a film in line with the style suggested by the brand: a universe splashed by the imaginary and by the nostalgia of childhood memories. To supply this phantasmagorical imagination, they plunge into the children’s fairytales by playing with themes and symbols. The result is a dreamlike short film which appeals to both adults and children.